The Light in EMS World

    AMS Heli Design was created in 2015 with the scope of creating innovative EMS interiors through the use of new materials and new generation technologies.

    The Company completed its first STC certification (AW119/109 EMS interior) in 2017 and brought to the market an outstanding product with innovate solutions and saving 103 Lbs. in weight towards the lightest competitor.


      AMS is continuing its innovation bringing to the market new interiors for AW169, AW109SP and the new AW109 Trekker.


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AMS Heli Design LLC.
North Texas Regional Airport
164 Gosnell Street
Denison, TX 75020
United States of America

Phone Number: +1 (903) 419 2034

Also Located in:

3621 Pottsboro Road, #108

Denison, TX 75020
United States of America

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