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                    About US: AMS Heli Design




     AMS Heli Design began its EMS interior certification with a “niche” market represented by the Leonardo AW119/AW109E and AW109S helicopters since with the introduction of our very light EMS kit complete with a swiveling stretcher, will bring these helicopters becoming a great platform for EMS operations.

      Our interior has 10 years proven reliability track record with a EMS/SAR operator in South Africa. 


     Entering the market as a new Helicopter EMS Interior provider, we wanted to fill the gap with our competitors with particular attention to quality, customer support and customizing capabilities. For this reason we created an Engineering and Design Office in South Africa capable of studying EMS solutions and structuring a Engineering office for STC achievement and Amendment in our Headquarter. Further we set up a logistic store for prompt Customer Support and teamed with a Part 145 for STC installation and new helicopter’s completion in USA.

    Since now we can design, engineer, produce and certify any customised EMS/SAR interior to meet our customer’s specific requirements on whatever helicopter type.



     Our first FAA STC certification has been achieved in Novembre 2017, and will be valid for AW119 family and for AW109E; AW109S will be certified immediately after through an STC Amendment. We’ll bring the kit worldwide through EASA/CAAC/JCAB STC validations and local offices in all 5 Continents.




     AMS Heli Design will hold the STC and PMA.

     Quality Assurance personnel monitor our performance, to ensure that AMS’s products complies with contractual requirements and industry best practices and to insure high performance is delivered on time, with minimal risk at the lowest possible cost.

     Quality Management personnel support all operations and functions by establishing and monitoring performance standards, recommending changes in operating procedures, and striving for continuous improvement in mission performance.


     AMS Heli Design's approach to Quality stresses constant focus on proactive partnering with customers, to continually improve performance and service and to achieve the best customer satisfaction while ensuring safe, operational and light EMS interiors.

          CORE VALUES



     Performance. AMS Heli Design is committed to provide EMS interiors capable of satisfying any Doctor’s needs and being light and solid, thus improving helicopter performances and capabilities.

     Time. Time is essence…always. We have lead times of 6 to 8 weeks to have the kit installed. We grant any spare part within 24 hours in whole USA and within 72 hours in any part of the world.

     Cost. We are focused in supplying our Customers with state of the art EMS interiors at the cheapest price. We never save money on materials or quality; instead we keep a very light and efficient company structure.



Providing expert advise, customised interiors,

new certifications 



To serve the EMS

industry at best, with latest technologies products, with the highest quality and reliability



Immediate support to

our customers from interior definition

to after sale.



Listening and adapting our interior to your requirements.


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