LEONARDO AW 109 SP - AW 109  Trekker EMS Interior


     AMS Heli Design is proud to present its new AW109 family (109SP/Trekker/S) Advanced Life Support System (ALSS) interior that offers flexibility in seating configuration, an articulating stretcher and a customizable interior for the best in class EMS interior.

     Weight is expected to be 35% lighter than competitors on the type.

109 trek.jpg

Download the full AW 109SP/AW109

Trekker EMS Brochure

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LEONARDO AW 169 EMS Interior Details

      AMS Heli Design is proud to present its new AW169 Advanced Life Support System (ALSS) interior that offers lightweight, flexible configuration and modular construction.

           The large use of composite materials and creative innovative designs, permits an easy and friendly use by the


paramedic on board and grant superior performances for the Operator.

Download AW 169

EMS Interior Brochure



    AMS HD EMS Kit (P/N MIA119-01) has been designed to be lightweight, operational friendly and to grant the best comfort to the patient.

     ​We achieved the milestone of 103Lbs weight saving if compared to similar product and furthermore we offer 50% more Oxygen capabilities (and LOX option) and the sole articulating stretcher on the type

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AW 109E/AW119 EMS Interior


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Download the full AW 109E/AW119

Convertible Kit

Download the full AW 109E/AW119

Self Contained Kit



     These kits are designed for a quick change configuration from 6 utility/VIP interior into a fully equipped EMS interior with ¾ seats and an articulating stretcher.


     The convertible solution allows to bring all removed interiors in the baggage compartment and to exchange configuration in less than 10 minutes!

trasp deck.jpg
trasp deck2.jpg

Download Neonatal 

Transport Deck Brochure



     AMS Heli Design is proud to present its new lightweight Neonatal Transport Deck.


     As with all AMS products, the design is developed targeting light weight, new features and use of composite materials.


     The result is a deck made of Carbon Fibre weighting less than 26 Lbs. that can host up to 300 Lbs. of medical equipment with EASA and FAA STC certifications.


     Thanks to its adaptors It can be installed in most of the EMS helicopters and FWAA Aircraft.




     AMS Heli Design, LLC is proud to present a revolutionary concept for the helicopter shipping that will allow shipment of  helicopters in standard 40ft containers with tailboom installed, providing  incredible savings in shipping cost.

     The device consists of a frame with a lifting device hydraulically operated and electrically controlled that can be used on several helicopter models.

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Transport Platform Press Release


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