Customer Support


    AMS Heli Design grants 24/7 customer support with the possibility to receive any spare part within 24 hours in USA or 72 hours worldwide.


     We currently have maintenance facilities/completion centres in North Texas Regional Airport Denison, TX 75020 - USA and Cape Town South Africa.


     Our Offices:


     North Texas Regional Airport Denison, ( USA ) - Headquarter

     Cape Town, (South Africa) - Engineering

     Milan, ( Italy ) - Marketing

    Please, feel free to contact Us and place your spare order directly on line.



Turn on Key Services


     For those who are looking for one Leonardo EMS helicopter to retrofit, AMS Heli Design provides the possibility of a full turn on key service which includes:

  • helicopter identification, inspection, procurement,

  • helicopter transport to one of our service centres

  • registration services (to FAA/EASA Registry)

  • retrofit from VIP/Utility to EMS/SAR

  • maintenance activities (i.e. painting, airframe and engine inspections and overhaul)

  • Delivery



AMS Heli Design Worldwide


North Texas Regional Airport

Cape Town

South Africa

Milan, Italy

Download the STP Certificate 


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